Brik Oven

In the blue corner, we have Domino’s Pizza, and in the red corner we have Pizza Hut, but hey, who the hell is this guy? Is that Smokin Joe’s? Is that Onesta? No, Ladies and Gentleman, this is the reigning, conqueror of pizzas, Brik Oven!

This place on Church Street has won my heart; it is perhaps one of the best places to grab a pizza in the city of Bengaluru. We have many big names running around for pizza lovers to go to and Brik Oven is rising to the top of that list. It is a very small place with a nice setup; you can see the chef preparing your wood fire pizzas and the mouth-watering shakes they have to offer. Sometimes, it is tough to get a table, you might have to wait for a few minutes but at the end of the day, it is worth the wait.

So, I started off by ordering a portion of Garlic Bread with Cheese as my appetizer. These are in the shape of breadsticks which are well cut, layered with a nice topping of cheese which makes you drool and some seasoning as the icing on the bread. The bread is soft, the cheese is gooey, and you get to taste garlic with every bite you have.

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Garlic Bread with Cheese

They have a freak shake, it is gigantic, I was not confident that I could finish this so I had to settle for something that was similar to the size of Tyrion Lannister. I decided to have Oreo-licious, while my friend decided to have The Brik Cold Coffee. The Oreo-licious is a nice blend of white and chocolate oreos, chocolate sauce, a scoop of ice cream, and finally topped with a swirl of whipped cream. This is a thick shake and it is bound to occupy a lot of space in your tummy so be wise when you are ordering, if you need more pizzas then you might want to reduce the intake of shake, but if you are a die-hard foodie and has space for it all then hey, go for it. As for The Brik Cold Coffee, this was just another cold coffee, nothing great about it whatsoever.

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Oreo-licious and The Brik Cold Coffee

Now it is time for the Main Event, to feast on those beautiful slices of pizza. We ordered the Bird in Hand, now the pizzas at Brik Oven have a standard size, all are wood fired pizzas and every day they have their own specials. The names of the pizzas are unique as well but each of them has a small snippet which explains the content of each pizza, now that is a winner. So, Bird in Hand is a red chilli paradise, the spicy nature of this pizza is what I loved the most. It contains of Buffalo Chicken, red chilli, Mozzarella, finely chopped pieces of onion, and fresh blue cheese cream. Add some oregano and chilli flakes and boy, you may have had one of the most delicious pizzas in town.

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Bird in Hand

Do visit them and have a lovely time eating the yummy slices of pizza.

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