On a breezy Friday night, I was scrolling down the various places on Zomato and I came across their new collection, Kung Food Asian Food Festival. Magnolia happened to be on this list and I remember this place being on my list as well, and I finally decided to go visit this place for some nice Asian delicacies. It is on the roof top, open area, and the ambiance is lit with small lights on the ceiling, a huge television set, and some amazing couches to rest our backs on.

It’s fair to say that this place offered one of the better Asian foods than most of the places in the city of Bengaluru. Now, would I say this is the best place for Asian food? No, but the food here has rich taste and will keep you wanting for more of their amazing food collection they have to offer.

So, I and my partner in crime started off the journey by ordering a Fruit Punch and a Virgin Pina Colada. The Virgin Pina Colada was rich in Pineapple juice and it was mixed well with fresh coconut cream, the thickness of the drink emphasizes the role of the coconut cream which actually overpowers the taste of the pineapple juice, making it a little sour. The Fruit Punch is a combination of the Orange juice, Mango juice, Pineapple juice, and the water melon juice. However, the water melon juice was used as the base and the entire drink was more inclined towards the taste of water melon rather than being a nice blend of the four juices. Perfection is indeed tough to achieve but, one can always aim for perfection and succeed eventually.

Next in line was the Chicken Manchow Soup, fried noodles with the soup is a must. Now the soup had the perfect mix of ginger and garlic, well cut vegetables with freshly cooked chicken meat. The thickness of the soup was spot on, it did lack a little bit of salt though so after the addition of some salt and pepper, it turned out to be more than an average dish.

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Chicken Manchow Soup

Personally, I do not experiment a lot with sea food ever since I choked on a fish bone. We ordered the Szechuan Fish, which is covered with their own in house Szechuan sauce which I must say was too good, the fish is soft and the sauce is spicy. The fact that they have their own in house sauce makes this one a must try for everyone who visits this place. Our next dish was the Chicken Dumpling. The dumplings were a little too dry, the seasoning and the chicken mince were average in taste, and this just lacked taste more than anything else. It was too bland to be a dumpling, the seasonings was not good enough.

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To finish off the night, we ended it with a nice main course, Nasi Goreng Istimewa. Now this is one of the most popular Indonesian dishes that most of have come across in the Asian cuisine. The dish was presented beautifully, the rice topped with a fried egg, with Chicken Satay on the sides, accompanied with cucumber, and Krupuk, which locally we refer to as Papad. The rice has a nice bitter taste of soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce to add some spice, Chinese cabbage, finely cut onions and well of course the main ingredient, chicken. However, I have heard that the shrimps or fish are a better choice of meat for this particular style of fried rice. Would like to end by saying , do not experiment with this if you always prefer to have the normal Friend rice because the taste is unique and it will not be appreciated by many who prefer the spicy or the bland types of fried rice.

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Nasi Goreng Istimewa

Do visit these guys in Koramangala, they have a beautiful roof top place and I am sure you will enjoy the rich taste of amazing Asian food.

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