Patio 805

It is very rare to find myself eating at an only Vegetarian restaurant, mainly because of my undying love for Chicken and meat. But, I did like the thought of experimenting more cuisines and the food that the city of Bengaluru can offer. In Jayanagar 4th block I came across this place called Patio 805 and the name caught my attention more than anything else. Jayanagar is a hub for most of the Vegetarian restaurants and I was keen to explore my options. My friend joined me and she being a hard-core meat eater was open to the thought of trying some vegetarian food for once. It is not that we do not eat vegetarian, of course we do, mostly in our homes and in our office canteen since there is no meat there, it is very rare that we eat vegetarian outside but hey, there is a first for everything and this was our first venture.

Patio 805 is a vegetarian bistro, the ambiance is pretty decent, brightly lit, has cute plants and a nice view of the road in front of the place. The menu boasts more of the Vietnamese cuisine, although it does have bits of Thai and Chinese as well, fair enough to call this a Pan Asian restaurant. The staff here is very courteous and they surely know how to welcome, greet, and respect their customers.

The menu has snippets of each item, thus helping us understand the dish and eventually letting us decide on something to feast upon. For drinks we ordered the Chilli Volcano, which is a combination of lime and Orange juice, ginger, seeds of chilli, and finally some black salt. Now the taste and odour of the drink made me dislike this particular mock tail, the taste was rather bland, the black salt had overpowered the taste of orange and lime juice, the seeds of chilli is more for the visual appeal rather than adding taste to the drink, so this would not be the best cooler on their menu. The Strawberry Iced Tea was mediocre as well, flavoured ice tea does not always work wonders and this was no biggie as well.

For Appetizers, we ordered the Vietnamese Half Moon Dumplings, these are fried dumplings with rice and vegetable fillings and accompanied with soy sauce. Looking at the dumplings I was hesitant to eat it, the size of the dumplings were pretty big, the filling however was well cooked and the soy sauce did not make the dumplings taste any better. However, please do try the dumplings with the chilli sauce that they have, the sauce is a must have for it has the best taste and is rich in spice.

Vietnamese Half Moon Dumplings
Vietnamese Half Moon Dumplings

Now moving on to the main course, it was going to be a rice and noodle combination. We ordered the Stir Fried Chilli Garlic Rice, the dish is spicy thanks to the use of red chilli, the right amount of garlic was used and well cooked rice made this my personal favourite for the night. I would recommend a curry along with this as it is a bit dry and may dry your throat out in the process. The other dish was Stir Fried Flat Noodles, the choice for main courses in noodles is pretty less and this seemed to be the one I wanted to experiment with. Flat noodles was cut to the right proportions, mixed with red pepper, green pepper, nicely cooked leaves and cabbages, the spices were non-existent though, it was like eating plain noodles, like absolutely no taste at all. The chilli sauce had to be mixed for me to have the noodles and this is by far one of the tasteless noodles I have come across in my life.

To end our dinner, we ordered the Vietnamese Filter Coffee, they have three varieties to this, Black,  Hot, and Cold respectively and we decided to have the Hot one. The coffee is a must here and especially the filter coffee, it is very rare to find such a rich taste in a cup of coffee and they surely know how to make it. Please try the coffee if not for the food, although the coffee does leave a hole in your wallet.

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Overall I would say we had a new experience, the place is overpriced for the quantity they offer and they do have a hefty service charge as well, is it worth the money? No, I do not think so. I have eaten far better for much cheaper prices.

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