Zee5 Loft

You would want to experiment every now and then and not always stick to your comfort zone and bury yourself with the same experience everyday of your life; you would want to try as many experiences as possible before it is too late. Zee5 Loft in HSR is not just another café where you would go sit and sip on a cup of coffee, no; this is a place where one can have a really interactive experience. Zee5 Loft has a Playstation, Xbox, card games, board games, and yes, they even have a bunch of books for you to read. This would be an idea place for a group of friends to go and relax after having a tiring day at work and indulge in something that is fun and happy. The ambiance is soothing and it boasts of amazing decorations inside the café, the food is not all that bad either, with the perfect mood and the perfect meal; one is surely bound to have a good experience at Zee5 Loft.

The ideal way to start off is by ordering either a soup or a drink to help settle ourselves before battling it out with the food and so I and my panda lover ordered a Cold Coffee and Death by Chocolate Shake. The Cold Coffee lacked sugar and was like having a really strong coffee just that it was cold, I personally love having coffee with very less amount of sugar content but this may not be accepted by all. Death by Chocolate was a huge surprise for me, this was almost a freak shake and I was wondering how I am going to eat anything after having this massive shake. Made of chocolate, whipped cream, milk, ice cream, sprinkles, and wafers, the shake was well blended and I could feel the thickness of the drink and also the sweet taste of chocolate made it a worthy selection. Now, please do keep in mind that sometimes this will fill you up and so please ask the staff before ordering if this is a freak shake or not, else you may leave the place without trying out the food which would be a little disappointing, unless you do visit them only for a freak shake.

I was very keen on trying the mini burger but was disappointed to know that they were out of stock and instead we decided to order Masala Pan Seared Fish ’N’ Chips and I was in a land of ecstasy. The fish is cooked well, very soft and it melts in your mouth, but the winner was the masala that they used, and also the style of cooking. Pan seared style of cooking is a way of enhancing the taste of the meat you use and in this case the fish was able to absorb the masala and the caramelising nature of the cooking was what made this one of the best Fish ‘N’ Chips I have come across in the city of Bengaluru. The dish is also accompanied by a portion of French Fries and a tartar dip. The only negative I could think of is the quantity of the dish; I wish it was more than just four to five pieces, considering the size of each piece itself are small.

Masala Pan Seared Fish ’N’ Chips
Masala Pan Seared Fish ’N’ Chips

Since the freak shake occupied a lot of space in my tummy I did not have the liberty to try another starter and had to settle down for the main course. We ordered the Chilli Chicken Combo which is served with rice and Kimchi. The Chilli Chicken curry is a Asian delicacy and is mildly spicy with a lot of vegetables to enhance and enrich the taste of the curry, while the rice was cooked well I feel the Kimchi was very cold and it tasted really nice, the cabbage was fresh, and the spices used was to perfection, the amount of red pepper in a Kimchi really defines its taste and it’s safe to say that the right amounts of spice was used.

Chilli Chicken Combo
Chilli Chicken Combo

Spicy Habanero Chilli Corn and Chicken Pizza was my last piece of adventure at Zee5 Loft. It is a thin crust pizza, loaded with roasted chicken, corn, and Habanero spices, the crust is soft and crispy on the edges, the Habanero chilli was very less in quantity and I needed Oregano, Chilli Flakes, and a pepper sauce to enhance the spiciness of the dish. It appears to be a 9 or a 10 inch pizza but it does fill you up real quick so please order accordingly.

Spicy Habanero Chilli Corn and Chicken Pizza
Spicy Habanero Chilli Corn and Chicken Pizza

I loved the experience in Zee5 Loft, there is lot of noise in terms of the music, the huge tv set, and also the gamers going at it. As I was eating I enjoyed playing FIFA 18 on the Xbox and I would recommend this for people who want to relax and have fun with their group. It really is a fun and interactive place.

You can find them on Ground Floor, Shree Arcade, 17th Cross Road, 19th Main Road, Sector 4, HSR Layout, HSR, Bangalore. They are also coming up with a new place in Kormangala and I would surely visit them again when they open the doors to the public.

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