Marata Ruchikaram

One of my favourite dishes happens to be the Biryani and if I had to have Biryani every day for the rest of my life, I would gladly do so without having to regret anything. Biryani is an obsession, a drug that I am indeed addicted to and every time I get to know that there is a new joint in town offering their version of the Biryani, I would race to this place to get myself a bite of the Biryani. Chicken or Mutton, it does not really matter; as long as it is Biryani I am satisfied in life.

So in Koramangala, there is a new place called Marata Ruchikaram. They have a very small menu with barely a handful of dishes that they offer, the ambiance is quite decent, the chairs and tables are mediocre, it is a self-service as well so you need to walk up to the counter and order your food and go pick it up once the food is prepared.

Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to have the Mutton Biryani as it was not available and so I and my friend ordered two plates of Chicken Biryani and one plate of Chicken Fry. The Chicken Biryani is the traditional Donne style Chicken Biryani, the Biryani is served in a Donne which is nothing but a container made of dry leaves or dry banana leaves. This is arguably one of the best versions of the Biryani one can come across in the state of Karnataka. The green masala, the perfectly cooked rice and pieces of chicken, accompanied with raitha that was a mixture of onions, chilli in curd along with the green curry made of green chilli paste. This was indeed one of the decent Donne Biryani I have had in the city of Bangalore and yes there are far better ones than this but if you are in Koramangala and want a decent plate of Donne Biryani then Marata Ruchikaram is not a bad choice at all.

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Chicken Donne Biryani

Now the Chicken Fry, is semi gravy cooked in red chilli paste, tomato and onion based with a layering of coriander on the top. The curry is spicy because of the strong presence of chilli and it goes well with the Biryani rice and adds more taste to the rice. I would recommend this as the ideal companion for the Biryani rather than having one of the starters.

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Chicken Fry

This place is very budget friendly and you can surely visit them for a quick lunch or dinner. You can find them on Splendid Plaza 63, 5th A block, Next to Sukh Sagar Hotel, Koramangala 100ft road, Koramangala 5th Block.

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