Waterfront Villa

Goa has been a beach paradise for many of us in India, everyone wants to go to Goa, enjoy the beach life, party till the next morning, be in high spirits, get tanned, play water sports, ride on the bikes, take scenic photos and selfies, check in on social media, post whacky photos of everything you do, basically just showcase everything that is out there. Unfortunately, this is not what Goa is all about, there is a whole different picture, especially during the monsoons when people refuse to go to Goa due to the heavy rains and term this as the time when going to Goa is not ideal. I would say they are wrong, monsoons in Goa are very beautiful, the pitch greenery on the streets, the heavy rains, the secluded beaches and shacks, the feeling is completely different.

Yes, traveling around maybe troublesome during the rains but trust me, there was nothing more beautiful than this experience of monsoons in Goa. Chances are that most of the popular joints may have shut down stating that it is their off season and you may be disappointed because of that, but there is so much to explore in this small tiny state that people overlook most of the times.

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The Backyard

Where you are staying in Goa also matters, I and my group of friends chose to stay in South Goa, Canacona to be precise, where it is completely far off from the most famous beaches of Goa, like Baga, Calungute. The idea was to be in a remote place that is far off from all the busy spots and find a place where we can just relax and rest our minds. South Goa is a lot less chaotic than the main cities and the beaches in Goa, we were among the village areas, where people were happily living their lives on their own terms and in their own manners, it was a lot more peaceful in the mornings and evenings with very few people around you.

So, we stayed at the Riverfront Villa in Canacona which is very close to the Talpona/Patnem beach. The villa is located right along the backwaters and it truly is a beautiful sight to wake up to every morning. There are two spacious rooms with Air Conditioners and a decent varanda, a good and tidy living room and an amazing backyard. If you want complete privacy then this villa is best for only four people, but in case you are a group of people then eight people can be easily accommodated in this villa.

Entrance to the Villa

There are a few cons though, the biggest is that there is just one bathroom available and this might be a big letdown for families. The other problem is with electricity, since there is not back-up available, spending the nights in a dark room is tough. There are no TV sets and the network is fairly available, so this means that basically you are not in touch with the outside world and you get to have a rather different experience which in some ways is fun as you would be spending more time talking to the people around rather than wasting time on your mobile phones.

On arrival you will be provided with bread, milk, eggs, juice, drinking water, butter, coffee, and tea. There are many attractions nearby apart from the beaches, so it is an idea getaway for people looking to have a different experience of Goa.

Patrice and his team are a great bunch of people who help you out in any manner possible and they are one of the best hosts we have come across in Goa. You can find more details about the villa by clicking on the below link.



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