Ferry your way

On arriving at Velana International Airport, the four of us had a smooth entry in the airport premises. The immigration check was super smooth, and the security check did not take much time either. Our representative from the hotel had told us that we would be greeted by someone at the exit to help us transfer all our luggage and arrange the ferry to the island we were staying at. There was a bit of confusion at this point as we could not figure out who this person was as he was late, and it got us to run around to figure out how to contact the hotel. Thanks to the friendly staff at the airport, we were told that the ferry was delayed by 30 minutes and they asked us to wait at a spot. Our destination was the beautiful island named Maafushi.

A slow start indeed to our trip but without further delay we met with out representative and we were now ready to board our ferry. The ferry ride was about a good 40-60-minute journey. They have a stop in the capital of Maldives, Male, followed by another stop on one of the islands close to our destination. The ferry costs 40$ per person for a two-way journey, and it costs 20$ per person for a one-way journey. Our hotel had associated themselves with Maafushi Day Tours who arranged the ferry for us. The money was collected at the hotel since we had made direct arrangements else you would have to pay on the spot while boarding the ferry.

The Journey begins

The ferry has different timings each day and there are quite a few options to choose from. They have options as follow.

  • Shared speedboat transfer

Everyday Shared Speed Boat Transfer – (Trip Duration: 35mins). Shared speed boat transfer from airport to hotel for $20 per person (Tax Included). If you wish to take shared round transfer (Airport- hotel- Airport), $40 per person (Tax included).

Shared speedboat schedule to the hotel.

Airport / Male’ to Maafushi

08:30 / 09:00 AM

11:00 AM / 12:00 PM

14:00 / 14:30 PM

16:30 / 17:00 PM

21:30 / 22:00 PM

  • Private Speed Boat Transfer

A PVT speed boat transfer from Airport to Maafushi for $180 per trip (Tax included), If you wish to take PVT speed boat round transfer (Airport-hotel- Airport) we can offer a discounted price of just $330 (tax included).

To book your transfer please send us your flight details, shared speed boat can only be arranged between 7am to 9pm, and payments are to be made at the hotel on arrival.

  • Scheduled ferryboat request (Trip duration: 1hr 30mins)

There are 2 ferry boats to come to the Hotel. One is in the morning at 10:00hrs on every SUNDAY, TUESDAY and THURSDAY. Another ferry at 15:00hrs every day except FRIDAY.

Ferry boat schedule to the Hotel.

Saturday – 3 PM

Sunday – 10 AM, 3 PM

Monday – 3 PM

Tuesday – 10 AM, 3 PM

Wednesday – 3 PM

Thursday – 10 AM, 3 PM

First you have to take a ferry boat from Airport to Male’. Boat leaves from Airport in every 10 minutes. It will cost USD 1 per person and then get a cab from male and go to “Villingilli MTCC ferry terminal” and take the ferry boat to Maafushi Island. “MTCC Ferry” tickets are available from ferry terminal ticket counter, which costs USD 2. “Maafushi Ferry” tickets are available from the ferry boat, which costs USD 2 as well.

Please note the above options are for people travelling from Male – Maafushi – Male and each island would have it’s own set of options and timings.

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