Dalgona Coffee – In less than 10 steps

Dalgona Coffee has been trending worldwide and we wanted to have our own take on this famous coffee. There are many ways to do it, we did something that was a little less time consuming but still managed to maintain the essence and taste of the coffee.

The steps are as follows – (for two cups)

  1. Add 2 TBSP of Coffee Powder (Instant)
  2. Add 2 TBSP of Sugar
  3. Add 2 TBSP of Hot Water
  4. Whip till it is smooth and consistent
  5. Pour Cold Milk in the glass
  6. Add Ice Cubes and extra sugar accordingly
  7. Put the whipped cream on top
  8. Add crumbled cookies or Choco Chips on the cream
  9. Stir well and drink
Whip Whip Whip

Here is a small video of how we did it.

Dalgona Coffee

Hope you enjoy this, let us know.

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