Sunrise Beach Hotel – Maafushi, Madlives

Sunrise Beach Hotel, Maafushi was our base of operations when we stayed in Maldives. Sunrise Beach Hotel is situated on the popular island called Maafushi. The island of Maafushi is barely 2 kms long, you can literally walk from one end to the other in less than 10-15 minutes. Everyone around is friendly, be it the restaurants, the tiny shops, or anyone walking around can be easily approached as they are always ready to help you out.

Entrance to Sunrise Beach Hotel

Sunrise Beach Hotel is small, cozy, and has a beautiful view. Of course, the view is available to a limited set of rooms that face the beach and the ocean. The view from the balcony was worth it, the beautiful waves, the sunrise, the atmosphere was just magical. We came across Sunrise Beach Hotel through Agoda and their services. Agoda has amazing offers one can avail from, and they gave us a beautiful offer that we could not resist.

We managed to get ourselves a deal that included breakfast and dinner combo, it is very essential to get yourself an offer that includes food in your stay package as the food is expensive when it comes to a la carte menu. It all depends on which place you are, us being from India, our exchange strength was decent. 1 INR was 0.20 Maldivian Rufiyaa, so budgeting was equally important for the four of us. While booking your stay please look out for the terms and conditions and read it properly, there will be extra amount that would be not included in the final amount, this would be added once you check out from the place. These are Taxes and fees, and Environment tax, both were added to our total later, thankfully they had mentioned it while we were booking so we had an idea what the total would be.

Our duration of the stay was 3 nights and 4 days at the Sunrise Beach Hotel in Maafushi Island. Following are our booking details

Type of Room – Deluxe Double Room with Sea View

Number of Rooms – 2

Number of Adults – 4  

Duration of Stay – 4 days 3 Nights

Benefits included – Breakfast and Dinner

Total Price – 440.64 USD which was 31,726 INR

Extra taxes – Taxes and Fees was 7327 INR plus Environment Fee of 2580 INR

Final Price for 4 people – 41,634 INR which comes up to 10,408 INR per person inclusive of Breakfast and Dinner.

The breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided is usually in the form of  a buffet, they do have a la carte services as well but I would encourage everyone to opt for a buffet which in unlimited and costs in the range of 9-12 USD per buffet rather than a la carte mainly because a single dish on the a la carte menu would cost you easily 6-7 USD per dish. The buffet has a wide variety of options to choose from, the vegetarians however have very limited options to choose from.

The other advantage we had by staying at Sunrise Beach Hotel was the access to certain tour packages that are common in the Maldives as part of adventure activities. Luckily, Sunrise Beach Resort had associated themselves with Maafushi Day Tours who had packages and tours that we could choose from. There are wide variety of options that we could choose from. We chose the half day tour snorkeling package and I must say it was totally worth it.

Sunrise beach Hotel offer some free services like providing cycles which you can use to travel around the island, they have free Wi-Fi which helps you to keep connected to the outside world, they also have a pool table for you to play a game or two. They even offer ferry services at minimum and best cost.

To sum up my experience at Sunrise beach Hotel I would say it was indeed one of the most hospitable places I have ever been to in my life. The reception people are very friendly, they will help you with every need you have, the cleaning staff comes and cleans your room every day, the people from the restaurant are ready to serve you anytime of the day.

Here is a small video of the room that we stayed in.

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