Truffles is one of the finest places to dine in when you are in Bengaluru. Popular for it’s attractive menu, easy on the pockets, and some of the best burgers in town, this is one place you must visit. I have been going here for so many years and not once have I been disappointed.

We started off with a couple of drinks to get us going. Brownie Points is a double expresso shot blended with a rich gooey brownie, ice cream, molten chocolate, topped with Vanilla and Oreo cookies. Served cold, this is one of the best thirst quenchers at Truffles.

Brownie Points

Truffles has a wide range of hot beverages one can choose from. Cappuccino Royale is a richly brewed coffee, whipped cream served with in house chocolate cookies.

Cappuccino Royale

Devil’s Chicken is shredded chicken that is stir fried in a soya chilli sauce with bell pepper and caramelized onions. This spicy dish was perfectly cooked and the chicken was easy to chew on as well and thanks to the bell peppers and onions it surely adds to the taste.

Devil’s Chicken

Our first burger encounter was the Peri Peri Fish Burger. The peri peri sauce is what makes the complete difference for this dish. It is mildly spicy and has a tangy taste. Burgers are always accompanied with some potato chips.

Peri Peri Fish Burger

Second shot at the burgers was the Peri Peri Prawns Burger. Although the taste would be the same, the prawns do make a difference thanks to sweet corn along with the bell peppers and caramelized onions. I personally was not the biggest fan of this as I know for a fact that they have much better burgers than this. Unless you are fan of prawns and eat only prawns then you could try this, else always go for the All American Cheese Burger which is my personal favorite.

Peri Peri Prawns Burger

To end your visit at Truffles, always explore their dessert options for the day. We decided to have the Mississippi Mud Pie. The base was probably a bit of a let down, the taste was perfect otherwise, some may not like this version while some may, I would surely recommend many other desserts at truffles.

Mississippi Mud Pie

Truffles as a whole is a superb experience for all and barely would anyone exit this place disappointed. You can find Truffles at Vasavi Complex, St. Marks Road, Bangalore.

Here is a brief video on the Truffles experience.

Truffles Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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