Bhogal’s Cholle Wala

Right after a nice cycling session in the early morning streets of Delhi, we decided to have a nice heavy breakfast at Bhogal’s Cholle Wala in Janpath. You may find a crowd even in the morning and right throughout till evening, it is famous among the offices located around the eatery. Due to Covid-19 scare we decided to pack our food and have it at our home. It is a small establishment and you would have to stand and eat, but everything is prepared in front of you fresh. We had the following two dishes.

The Cholle Bhature was the perfect way to start off our breakfast. Massive Bhature, with a well made cholle on the side, rich with masala and flavours. The dish goes well with onions and the spicy chilly that is provided. It is advisable to have just one plate if you want to try out more from their menu as it is quite filling.

Cholle Bhature

The other dish was the Cholle Kulche which I feel isn’t all that mighty as the Bhature. I would honestly have more Bhature and get myself a good nap. The Kulche is fluffy and soft, and this makes it easy to have a nice bite and enjoy the dish.

Cholle Kulche

The service is fast, may not be the most hygienic of places, but it is surely worth a visit. You can find them at Scindia House, K G Marg, Janpath, New Delhi.

Here is a video of our visit to Bhogal’s Cholle Wala.

Bhogal Chole Bhature Wala Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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