Shettihalli Church – Karnataka

On our way to Nirvara Plantation Stay in Saklesphur, we decided to take a little detour to this beautiful church in the village of Shettihalli. This church was built by the Europeans about 160 odd years ago. It is built near the banks of the river Hemvathi and is surrounded by lush greenary and water all around it.

Lost in ages, this church is very unique. During summer you can literally go inside the church and take some breathtaking pictures while in the monsoon it is impossible to reach the church as it would be submerged in the water. This is because of the dam that is built close-by. Shettihalli Church is surely a must visit during both the seasons as each of the experiences would be much different from the other.

When we visited Shettihalli Church, we could not even see 90% of the ruin as it was completely submerged in the river. We entered the river close by to the ruin and were able to have a lot of fun in the water. Usually you would have coracle rides to take us around the ruin but it was not available when we had visited the place.

It is situated around 205kms from the city of Bengaluru, so it would be a good 3 hour drive if you would want to complete this in a single day. However, if you are visiting Sakleshpur like we did then that would be the perfect opportunity to stop by at Shettihalli church and have a great time.

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