New Modern Hotel – Bengaluru

New Modern Hotel or popularly known as NMH is one of the old eating joints in the city of Bengaluru. NMH started out in 1959 as an eatery and also has boarding and lodging facilities. NMH has been very famous among certain great personalities and many till date love the food that they offer. They certainly have not changed much and managed to keep things as vintage as possible even in this modern paced world. NMH has that heritage vibe and it is indeed a good place to visit and have some amazing food. We had the following while we were there.

Set Dose was fluffy and served piping hot. The chutney was spicy and nice, while the sagu provided had freshly cooked vegetables, and the sambar with jaggery provided that little bit of sweetness to the whole dish.

Set Dose

Masala dose was crispy and nice, not overcooked and perfectly roasted. The masala powder with the potato palya stole the taste, one of the better Masala Dose’s in the city of Bengaluru.

Masala dose

New Modern Hotel usually offer something called Bonda Sambar, but having been a huge fan of Bonda Soup I had ordered for the soup version. The soup was very bland and had no spice but it really felt like having something really healthy since it was a nice mix of vegetables and a fluffy bonda.

Bonda Soup

Many a times I had heard about Poori being one of the must haves in NMH and I must say I was not at all disappointed. The Poori’s were massive and fluffy, the sagu and chutney as usual were perfect for the Poori.


We ended our evening at New Modern Hotel with a couple of Filter Coffee. The Coffee was strong and literally woke us up and gave us an energy boost, the sugar levels are very less when they provide so you can always add sugar. However, having them with the little sugar actually tastes a lot better.

Filter Coffee

Badam Halva was over by the time we had arrived and this is one sweet dish you all must have when you are at New Modern Hotel. They sell out pretty fast so it is better to try and get there in the morning or noon. The parking is available for two wheelers while the four wheelers will find it tough to find a parking spot. The place is very loud and noisy because of the heavy traffic around but NMH makes it up with the quality of food they serve. You can find them at Near Minerva Circle, AN Krishanrao Road, V V Puram, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

Budget Corner

  1. Set Dose – 50 INR
  2. Masala Dose – 55 INR
  3. Bonda Soup – 35 INR
  4. Poori – 50 INR
  5. Coffee – 24 INR

Average cost for 2 people would be 200 – 225 INR

Here is a video of our visit to New Modern Hotel.

New Modern Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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