Sri Guru Kottureshwara Butter Dose – Davanagere

Davanagere Butter Dose has always had a following of it’s own. These butter dose’s are very famous and many eat this on a daily basis. We went to the origins of this dose in Davanagere, Karnataka. The place is quite small and sometimes the waiting time is a lot but when you do get your seat, it is time for some madness. We had the following while we were at Sri Guru Kottureshwara Butter Dose.

The Butter Dose has two dose’s in one plate. The chutney is super spicy and the aloo mix is so sweet and has no masala, thus balancing it out in the perfect manner. The Dose is crispy on the edges and soft on the inside, the butter is very evident as well.

Butter Dose

The other option you get here is the Khali Dose. This is similar to the lines of Set Dose that you get in many places, you are provided with three fluffy and soft dose, with chutney and some aloo palia as well. It is totally worth the money.

Khali Dose

Sri Guru Kottureshwara Butter Dose maybe a congested tiny little place, but it sure is worth everything. Parking for four wheelers may not be easily available but parking a few blocks away is worth the walk. The service is great and the staff are super friendly.

Budget Corner

  1. Benne Dose – 80 INR
  2. Khali Dose – 40 INR

Average cost for two would be 120 – 150 INR

Here is a video of our visit to Sri Guru Kottureshwara Butter Dose.

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