Fat Fish – Goa

On our very first day in Goa, we stopped at Fat Fish for a very late lunch around 4 in the afternoon as we were travelling by car from Bengaluru. We were hoping to try out their thali as it is very famous for but unfortunately we could not as it was not available post 3:30 PM. So we decided to sulk for a while and order what we thought was the next set of best options for us. We had the following while we were at Fat Fish.

For starters we had the King Fish Tawa Fry, the masala was spot on, the fish was really well cooked and the quantity was decent as well. It is served with potato wedges and some salad as well.

King Fish Tawa Fry

For the main course we had two dishes which were based on Prawns. First was the Prawns Curry Rice, the curry was authentic Goan style, with the perfect blend of spices and decent amount of prawns as well. The white steam rice was cooked well and it was sufficient for two people.

We ended the main course with Prawns Biryani which had to be one of the best biryanis in Goa during our trip. The spicy masala, the well cooked rice, the perfection in the prawns and the quantity all in all was just excellent. You have to try this out when you are at Fat Fish.

Prawns Biryani

The Lychee Likey is a mocktail based on Lychee and it was super refreshing as well. This was surprisingly a really good drink.

Lychee Likey

Planter’s Punch is a rum based cocktail and it was served in a big glass and was made to perfection as well. Cocktails in Goa generally cost a lot and it is always better to spend on regular drinks than trying out fancy cocktails if you don’t want to weigh a lot on your expenses.

Planter’s Punch

There is ample parking space available at Fat Fish and the place can be pretty occupied most of the time. The staff is friendly, the washroom is clean, the service is pretty fast, and the ambiance is amazing. You can find them at H/4/267/D, Ward 4, Agar Vaddo, Baga, Goa.

Budget Corner

  1. Kingfish Tawa Fry – 580 INR
  2. Prawns Curry Rice – 550 INR
  3. Prawns Biryani – 500 INR
  4. Lychee Likey – 300 INR
  5. Bira White Pint – 180 INR
  6. Planter’s Punch – 350 INR

Average cost for two people would be 2,500 – 3,000 INR inclusive of alcohol.

Here is a small video of our visit to Fat Fish.

Fat Fish Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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