SodaBottleOpenerWala – Bengaluru

SodaBottleOpenerWala brings the cafe culture of Mumbai to many parts of India, including the city of Bengaluru. Bengaluru has always had a food culture and unique experiences, and SodaBottleOpenerWala adds to that unique experience one can have. Located on Lavelle Road, SodaBottleOpenerWala has been a hotspot for foodies in and around. We had the following while we were at SodaBottleOpenerWala.

College Canteen Bun Omelette took us back to our college days where bun omelette was always a snack that we all enjoyed. This dish was very simple and yet so tasty, accompanied with some fries as well. The eggs were cooked well, nice amount of spices to go along, and some veggies in the mix as well.

College Canteen Bun Omelette

Chicken Baida Roti is stuffed parathas with spiced chicken kheema and eggs. These are some of the classics from the streets of Mumbai and it sure had a beautiful taste to it.

Chicken Baida Roti

For the main course we had the Salli Boti combo, which is a Parsi dish with beautiful mutton cooked to perfection amid sizzling hot spices and potatoes. This combo offers Salli Boti, with steamed rice, and chicken Farcha. The dish can be shared among two people and it is quite heavy as well. The presentation reminds you of the dabba concept which is still in flow in some parts of Mumbai.

Salli Boti combo

For drinks we had the Mrs. Sodabottleopenerwala Cold Coffee, which tasted flavourful thanks to the richness of Coffee.

Mrs. Sodabottleopenerwala Cold Coffee

The Masala Vodka is their take on the Masala Soda, where the vodka adds the kick factor.

Masala Vodka

Budget Corner

  1. Masala Vodka – 450 INR
  2. Chicken Baida Roti – 375 INR
  3. College Canteen Bun Omelette – 225 INR
  4. Salli Boti Combo – 635 INR
  5. Mrs. Sodabottleopenerwala Cold Coffee – 195 INR

Average cost for two would be 2000 – 2500 INR.

Here is a video of our visit to SodaBottleOpenerWala.

SodaBottleOpenerWala Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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