Toast & Tonic – Bengaluru

Toast and Tonic in Bengaluru has been a go to place for many of us ever since it’s inception. The ambiance of the place is very nice and the staff is super friendly as well. Getting a seat here is tough sometimes as more often than not they are full. They offer some of the best Gin cocktails in the city and it is totally worth checking them out. We decided to celebrate our Valentine’s Day here and it sure was a beautiful experience. We had the following while we were at Toast & Tonic.

We tried the Beefeater Vanillin which consisted of Gin, Vanilla and Cinnamon Tonic Water, and served with a Pear – Spiced Ice. The type of Gin can be chosen from a wide variety of choices, I decided to go with Beefeater. This drink was very refreshing and was absolutely smooth as well.

Beefeater Vanillin

The second drink we had was a Lemon Grass & Basil Mojito which had a lot of crushed ice but was at the same time a very refreshing drink as well. This is a white rum based cocktail. The quantity was quite less though for the price that we had to pay for it.

Lemon Grass & Basil Mojito

For starters we had the Hot Potted Prawn & Chorizo, this is not a hot pot dish though as they have mentioned on their menu. The sautéed chorizo goes perfectly well with the prawns in garlic and lemon, served with garlic butter panini. This dish was a surprise to us, as the prawns swept our feet away, the taste was so enriching that we could not stop eating this dish. It is an absolute must to try this out while you are at Toast & Tonic.

Hot Potted Prawn & Chorizo

For mains, we had the Fried Chicken Sandwich. In this context, the sandwich is basically a burger, the buttermilk steeped chicken, with in house burger sauce, bread and butter pickles, and also brioche milk buns were an absolute hit. The Fried Chicken was so soft and not at all chewy making it easy to have the burger, the sauce was mind blowing, and the buns were so fluffy and soft. A truly American delight at Toast & Tonic.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

The Asian style Spicy Smoked Chicken was our choice for flatbreads. These flatbreads are their take on the concept of pizzas and they truly are very authentic and super tasty. The jalapeno, garlic, chives, and their in house chicken was the perfect combination that one needs on their flatbreads. Not a single piece was overcooked or roasted making it an absolute delightful experience.

Asian style Spicy Smoked Chicken

We finished our time at Toast & Tonic with Karma Sutra which was a Choco based gooey brownie with vanilla ice cream.

Karma Sutra

They have valet parking and the staff are super friendly and they know the menu very well. The ambiance is very nice and spacious. The food they offer is very unique and everyone should try out their dishes. You can find them at 14/1, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Richmond Road, Bangalore.

Budget Corner

  1. Beefeater Vanillin – 685 INR
  2. Lemon Grass and Basil Mojito – 535 INR
  3. Fried Chicken Sandwich – 540 INR
  4. Karma Sutra – 360 INR
  5. Asian Style Spicy Smoked Chicken – 555 INR
  6. Hot Potted Prawn and Chorizo – 565 INR

Average cost for two people would be 3500 – 4000 INR.

Here is a video of our visit to Toast & Tonic.

Toast & Tonic Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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