080 Lounge – Bengaluru Domestic Aiprort

080 Lounge is the latest offering at the Bengaluru Domestic Airport. The lounge offers world class amenities, and has a space for everyone out there. There are so many zones one can experience in the 080 lounge and that’s what makes it such an amazing experience as well. The 080 lounge has partnered with some airlines and banks, we used the American Express Platinum Travel card to get our free access to this lounge.

The lounge has a mini home theatre kinda experience where one can watch screening of live sports or if they have a movie running then one can sit back and enjoy the movie as well.

There are individual waiting pods/seats where you can relax on your own, or even take a nap in those luxurious seats they have to offer.

In fact the 080 lounge has many zones for the public to sit and layback, catering to all kinds of people and their needs. Be it working on a laptop, sleeping, or even sitting and reading a book, they have a space for everyone.

The bar is open mostly open till midnight or so and they have a cute bar counter arena where one can enjoy their beverages and alcohol.

The buffet starts as early as 3:30 in the morning and they go on serving fresh food throughout the day, the buffet zone has quite the number of seating space around both the buffet counters. They serve a wide range of food, beverages, and one can indulge in unlimited amount of food and beverages.

Lastly, they have a small library as well where one can nicely sit down and read books off the library section and pass their time while they wait to board their flight.

We had an amazing time at 080 lounge and you surely must visit this lounge in the domestic departures section of the Bengaluru Airport.

Here is a video of our time at 080 Lounge.

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