Yuki – Bengaluru

Another day and another beer destination in the city of Bengaluru. Yuki in Koramangala serves brewed beer with some amazing Pan Asian food. The place is very compact, and hence will be full most of the time. The staff is very friendly, and they even suggest some dishes which they feel you would enjoy. Here is what we had during our time at Yuki.

Mango Cider has Alphonso Mango with a sweet and bitter finish. I was very curious to try this out as I was a big fan of Apple Ciders, I must say that this did not taste anything close to a beer because of the sheer dominance of the mango’s taste. Some may enjoy this, while some may not.

Mango Cider

Mango Madness is a mix of mango, strawberry, pineapple, and pomegranate juices blended with fresh whipped cream. This mocktail is one of the highlights of Yuki and is surely a must try for all.

Mango Madness

Prawn Sui Mai with Tobiko was our choice of dim sum. The dish was served hot, the prawns were cooked to perfection, and the taste was magnificent. A pretty expensive dish considering they give just 4 pieces.

Prawn Sui Mai

Malaysian Fried Chicken Wings Bao is a deep fried chicken wings dish, with Madura spices placed between a bao bread. The crispiness and the spice goes hand in hand with this one.

Malaysian Fried Chicken Wings Bao

For the main course we had the Nasi Goreng Seafood. This has to be one of the best Nasi Goreng in the city of Bengaluru. The Indonesian Fried Rice steals the show with it’s impeccable taste, the Prawn Crackers are well done, the Fried Prawns Satay was spicy and nice, and lastly the egg was like a cherry on top. When you do visit Yuki, please try this dish out.

Nasi Goreng Seafood

We finished our time at Yuki with a Japanese Cheese Cake, which was so soft and fluffy. A nice way to end your time at Yuki.

Japanese Cheese Cake

They have valet parking, and I would highly recommend you reserve a table and then come to Yuki. Once you come to Yuki, you will surely have a great time.

Budget Corner

  1. Mango Cider – 325 INR
  2. Mango Madness – 295 INR
  3. Prawn Sui Mai with Tobiko – 425 INR
  4. Malaysian Fried Chicken Wings Bao – 425 INR
  5. Nasi Goreng Seafood – 545 INR
  6. Japanese Cheese Cake – 375 INR

Average cost for two would be 2,300 – 2,800 INR.

Here is a video of our time at Yuki.

Yuki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Loving this! Still trying to get my head round the concept of mango cider! We have lots of lovely apple ciders in the UK but I haven’t tasted anything like mango cider. How good is it?

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