Masala Chowk – Bengaluru

Masala Chowk is a small cosy restaurant in Bhartiya City, Bengaluru that offers some of the best homely North Indian food. The food is freshly prepared and served hot, and the quality of the food is fantastic. The staff is very helpful, they are prompt in serving their guests as well. Parking is easily available and you do not need to wait for that long to enjoy their food. We had the following while we were at Masala Chowk.

Aloo Pyaaz Paratha was freshly made and served piping hot with a cup of green mint chutney and curd. The filling was tasty and spicy, with the aloo well cooked and smashed properly with a nice hint of spice as well. There are many paratha combos and meals that you could choose from as well.

Aloo Pyaaz Paratha

Masala Chai with notes of adrak was a refreshing cup of chai for sure. They have a small and large version of the same.

Masala Chai

Pav Bhaji was a mixed affair. While the buns were dipped in butter and perfectly toasted, the bhaji however could have been better. The spice and salt levels were surely lacking and this was just not able to taste that great. We are sure this dish will only get better in the days to come.

Pav Bhaji

Considering this place offers quick service and fast food, you should surely visit them when you are at Bhartiya City and enjoy the delicious homely food they have to offer.

Budget Corner

  1. Aloo Pyaaz Paratha – 79 INR
  2. Masala Chai – 25 INR
  3. Pav Bhajji – 79 INR

Average cost for two people would be 150 – 200 INR.

Here is a video of our time at Masala Chowk.

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