Pot, this word acquires a lot of attention from a wide range of people for all the right and the wrong reasons but however here I will be talking about the new place in Koramangala 4th Block, Pot-O-Noodles. Getting authentic Asian food has always been a task; everyone claims that they are the most authentic […]

Zee5 Loft

You would want to experiment every now and then and not always stick to your comfort zone and bury yourself with the same experience everyday of your life; you would want to try as many experiences as possible before it is too late. Zee5 Loft in HSR is not just another café where you would […]

Patio 805

It is very rare to find myself eating at an only Vegetarian restaurant, mainly because of my undying love for Chicken and meat. But, I did like the thought of experimenting more cuisines and the food that the city of Bengaluru can offer. In Jayanagar 4th block I came across this place called Patio 805 […]


On a breezy Friday night, I was scrolling down the various places on Zomato and I came across their new collection, Kung Food Asian Food Festival. Magnolia happened to be on this list and I remember this place being on my list as well, and I finally decided to go visit this place for some […]